New customers wanted

If the answer is yes, you are probably considering alternative ways of finding/reaching new ones. Well you may not be alone in that regard, After all as the saying goes, "if you always do what you have always done... I am always on the lookout for new customers too and one of the ways that has worked really well most recently is to have others advocate for me, these are … [Read more...]

Introducing Ethnic Supplies

 Ethnic Supplies was established in 2007  following a visit to  Uganda in December 2006. I was so shocked by the poverty I witnessed that I resolved to do something on my return to the UK. The result is an online business that supports women involved in textile and handicraft production.   Ethnic Supllies works to reduce poverty amongst East African women involved in textile … [Read more...]

Radio Interview with the Blog Radio

I had the rare opportunity of discussing my work with the Canadian Unstoppable Coach Frankie Picasso and you can listen to that interview by following this addthis_pub = 'ethnicsupplies'; … [Read more...]