It is World Mosquito Day

Sir Ronald Ross- photo from DFID

Remember my post here MAMA SAID THERE WILL BE DAYS LIKE THIS?, well we have another today. WORLD MOSQUITO DAY, on 20th August in 1897 Sir Ronald Ross made the link between malaria and mosquitoes. An important link it would appear but that is several centuries ago. How and when do we get to the point when we no longer have to mark this day? One way of getting rid of … [Read more...]

Do you know where Gordon Brown is?

Gordon Brown

Back in May 2010 Gordon Brown's labour party lost power to a Conservative/Liberal Democratic coalition  and since then most of us haven't seen nor heard from Mr Brown, he appeared to have dropped off the face of the earth! It turns out that he is alive and kicking and unexpectedly turned up in Kampala the capital of Uganda to attend the 15th African Union Summit Why? If … [Read more...]

An introduction to Ethnic Supplies

I was interviewed about my work by Jon Andrews of Radio Wey on Tuesday 23rd July. The interview is attached here   ethnic supplies In this interview I discuss the beginnings of Ethnic Supplies, the key challenges of the communities I work in such as Malaria and access to clean water. I talk about the charity LET THEM HELP THEMSELVES Listen in and leave a comment or two … [Read more...]