Inclusive Business in Africa Part2- support from others


In the last post I talked about the Practitioner's workshop in Uganda as well as the questions I had to address as a panelist. Whilst the first question served as an introduction of what each individual panelists does and the lesson they have learned thus far, this post deals with systems, support and working with others. As discussed in the last post we had 4 questions to … [Read more...]

Inclusive Business in Africa


Ethnic Supplies was invited to join Business Fights Poverty and the Department for International Development  UK (DFID)  in organising a Practitioners workshop in Kampala Uganda on 10 May 2010. The aim of the workshop was to bring together International Businesses, Ugandan businesses and Donors to look at some of the innovative ways of running inclusive businesses. … [Read more...]

Women Of Kireka- Uganda’s Internally displaced refugees

The current President of Uganda came to power in 1985 in a bloody civil war that saw the end of  the rule of Milton Obote's UPC party. Whilst the rest of the country has enjoyed relative peace for most of that time this has not been the case in Northern Uganda in fact if you visited the North and South a few years ago you could be forgiven for thinking that you were in fact in … [Read more...]