Introducing Salha Kaitesi- The Beauty Of Rwanda

Salha Kaitesi

  Salha Kaitesi is the founder of Beauty of Rwanda an online enterprise working with basket weavers in her native Rwanda. Like the team here at Ethnic Supplies, Salha believes in empowering African women through business. Our paths crossed a few months ago on Twitter and she agreed to be profiled for readers of this blog.   1. Please introduce … [Read more...]

Business fights poverty in South Sudan

South Sudan is the newly formed country in Africa and has been recognised by the UN and the international community unlike Somaliland . But the question on everyone's lips is WHAT NEXT FOR SOUTH SUDAN?  this 25 minute video clip from the Broadcaster Aljzeera articulates the challenges and in part opportunities that lay ahead fro this newly formed nation. One way that South … [Read more...]

Spreading the word

Hmmm, it has been  way too quiet here for several reasons- but hopefully that will not happen again.  I will promptly pick up where I left off- NIKKI P's  30 Day Blogging challenge, here is the last post   Today's challenge is about spreading the word- promoting someone else's blog specifically one of a fellow participant in the 30 day blogging … [Read more...]