International Women’s Day Conference- Kampala 2014


On Thursday 6 March 2014, Business Executives, NGOs, Academics and Uganda's youth gathered in Kampala to discuss the future development agenda and in particular the issue of access to jobs. These are some of the tweets from that discussion [View the story "International Women's Day" on Storify] … [Read more...]

Alliance 54 to host Africa Global Women in Business Forum

Meeting to promote financial Inclusion for Africa Women especially in the diaspora London. In a bid to achieve sustainable development in Africa and for the African people globally through promoting financial inclusion especially for women, Alliance 54 is hosting the Africa Global Women in Business Forum in London on 30th – 31st, October, 2013.   This initiative … [Read more...]

Spreading the word

Hmmm, it has been  way too quiet here for several reasons- but hopefully that will not happen again.  I will promptly pick up where I left off- NIKKI P's  30 Day Blogging challenge, here is the last post   Today's challenge is about spreading the word- promoting someone else's blog specifically one of a fellow participant in the 30 day blogging … [Read more...]