International Women’s Day Conference- Kampala 2014

On Thursday 6 March 2014, Business Executives, NGOs, Academics and Uganda’s youth gathered in Kampala to discuss the future development agenda and in particular the issue of access to jobs.

These are some of the tweets from that discussion

Alliance 54 to host Africa Global Women in Business Forum

Meeting to promote financial Inclusion for Africa Women especially in the diaspora London. In a bid to achieve sustainable development in Africa and for the African people globally through promoting financial inclusion especially for women, Alliance 54 is hosting the Africa Global Women in Business Forum in London on 30th – 31st, October, 2013.


This initiative according to Ernest Okwudike, Founder and Conference Director of Alliance 54, was inspired by the call and need for action by all stakeholders to change the destiny of Africa and the African people for best.

Global news is awash with so much reports and information on the rising status of Africa. There has been consistent economic growth of over 5% in the continent; however, this does not necessarily reflect development in the different countries especially in the rural areas.

That said, concrete steps needed to be taken very quickly to ensure that there is a balance between growth and development, and when we look at development issues in Africa, one very important aspect that seem to be overlooked but needs urgent attention in order to develop the region is goal number 3 of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) – To promote Gender Equality and Empower Women.

Now, African women play a significant role in the socio-economic development of the continent. They produce 80% of food in Africa through the micro-enterprises and Small and Medium business that they operate. Yet, they remain grossly underserved in spite of the massive contribution. In her statement, Thelma Williams, Head of Development and the Conference Manager said that they are still faced with unequal treatments and underserved stereotypical barriers including lack of access to land, bank accounts and other ‘cultural hindrances’.

Even though there has been an increase in the number of women-run enterprises from 10% to 30%, more still have to be done as they only receive 10% of capital invested. Generally, women have unmet financial needs of over US$320 billion yearly as reported by the World Bank. In Africa, the African Development Bank (AfDB) states that they need over $19 billion yearly. Therefore, the Africa Global Women in Business Forum main objective is to explore the financial options available to women entrepreneurs

The forum aims to promote financial inclusion for the African women especially for those in the diaspora who still run businesses back home and abroad. In a statement by Toyin Adeniji, Head of Women in Business Program at the International Finance Corporation (IFC), she stated that it is an exciting initiative and one that will add to the on-going conversation regarding growth and support to women owned business in Africa. Also, the focus is to discuss practical solutions to the challenges that they (women) encounter daily in their businesses, with inspiration from successful business women and the meeting is also open to men that are interested in the discourse.

For the first time, the forum will be emphasising on the importance of developing collaboration with global counterparts to achieve common goals. Ernest argues that ‘we cannot divorce Africans from the global partners, the world is a global village and there are foreigners working and living in Africa and they have committed their lives and work to ensure that there is development there and vice versa. Our plan as a company is to see how we could promote these healthy and beneficial partnerships for the good of all and global economies.

More information about the forum could access at
Early bird registration currently on for first 50 respondents on a first come first serve basis and it expires on August 31, 2013.


Contact: Ernest Okwudike
Phone: +44(0)7909 468 059
Email: ernest(at)alliance54(dot)com

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Spreading the word

The X Factor (UK)

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Hmmm, it has been  way too quiet here for several reasons- but hopefully that will not happen again.  I will promptly pick up where I left off- NIKKI P’s  30 Day Blogging challenge, here is the last post


Today’s challenge is about spreading the word- promoting someone else’s blog specifically one of a fellow participant in the 30 day blogging challenge


I have selected 2 people to promote

Pippa Haines a part time web designer  I like this post Have you got The X-Factor about Cheryl Cole’s sacking from The X-Factor, I have never sat through an entire episode/series of the The X-Factor so what I know about the show can be written on the back of a stamp. But Pippa gives sound advice and tips on where and how to find inspiration for blog posts and why this matters for a small business.

The other reason by reading Pippa’s post made me revisit a post here about Cheryl Cole’s malaria episode- Will things improve for the poor girl?

Amanda Barber makes soap and other bathroom goodies- her blog post how to make Bath Bombs is full of tips on how to make your own soap but also on the necessary EU regulations that might affect you. I loved this post and Amanda’s blog generally because I love all things handmade and the idea of self sustaining is really appealing

This is a short post to enable you to go an explore both Pippa and Amanda’s blogs- but please do come back and share what your thoughts here




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