African Wild Silk : Madagascar

African Wild Silk scarf- Madagascar

When I tell people that Ethnic Supplies stocks fashion accessories made from African wild silk one of the questions I get asked without fail is thatIs there enough for commercial purposes?And the answer yes there is, in Madagascar. The best part is that there is a whole conservation project underway to protect Madagascar’s natural heritage. The forest and the African Silk … [Read more...]

Should emotional abuse be criminalised?

Domestic Violence and African women

Last week Theresa May the UK's Home Office  boss announced a consultation on whether the law on domestic violence should be strengthened and in particular whether psychological abuse should be criminalised. In this post I consider implications opinions on this matter as well as the impact of domestic violence on African Women. As you can imagine, the views on this matter are … [Read more...]

How can the world save children from stunting?


According to Veronique Lorenzo, Head of Unit EuropeAid- European Commission all we have to do is educate women to secondary school level. Let me start from the beginning. A few days a go I stumbled upon this tweet and my immediate reaction was how simple it all sounds. How can the world save children from stunting? #FundEducation @EU_Commission @europeaid … [Read more...]