How can the world save children from stunting?


According to Veronique Lorenzo, Head of Unit EuropeAid- European Commission all we have to do is educate women to secondary school level. Let me start from the beginning. A few days a go I stumbled upon this tweet and my immediate reaction was how simple it all sounds. How can the world save children from stunting? #FundEducation @EU_Commission @europeaid … [Read more...]

Disability in Uganda

2014-06-17 11.45.06

At this year's Bridging the Gap for African women workshop in Kampala Uganda, a woman and her companion sat quietly on the sunny side of the room. We had a lively Question and Answer session and it was my job to pass the mic around the room and she was the last person I handed the mic to. The woman said I am a visually impaired woman and I would like to thank the … [Read more...]

Can Kenyan women have more than one husband?

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An unusual question you might think but perhaps one that is worth asking if only to advance the debate on African feminism.  I ask this question following the recent signing into law by the Kenyan government the right for a man to take as many wives as he wishes. What does this have to do with feminism? Minna Salami argues in this post that feminism is misunderstood a point … [Read more...]