Can Fairtrade lift farmers in Uganda and Ethiopia out of poverty?

Women sorting coffee beans  in Mbale Eastern Uganda

According to a much discussed report by Professor Cramer from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) the answer to this question is not necessarily and according the school's website these are the key findings from Professor Cranmer's research Most rural people in Ethiopia and Uganda enjoy a much higher standard of living than seasonal and casual agricultural … [Read more...]

Aid: what do the numbers tell us?

    Last week The Guardian run a story on aid transparency following the latest report from Aid Transpareny  Index Publish What You Fund Here are resuts   DONOR SCORE 1. U.S., MCC VERY GOOD 2. GAVI VERY GOOD 3. UK, DFID VERY GOOD 4. UNDP VERY GOOD 5. World Bank, IDA GOOD 6. Global … [Read more...]

What is Aid to Bongo Bongo land for?

Whilst foreign aid to African countries has been praised for lowering poverty levels in Africa, experts, think tanks, non government organisations (NGOs) and even citizens of both donor and recipient countries have also criticised it for creating dependency, preventing growth and promoting the interests of donor countries over the needs of recipient countries. But last week … [Read more...]