How much aid should the UK give?

how much aid should the UK give

Earlier today I received my copy of  the Labour Campaign for International Development (LCID) Newsletter. The main message in this newsletter was the amount of aid the UK gives to countries in need. The readers were invited to contact their Members of Public (MPs) to ensure that they vote the right way this coming Friday 12 September 2014. The right outcome for this group, … [Read more...]

What is wild silk fabric used for?

Wilk silk fabric

In this post  I discussed the production process of wild silk fabric as well as the role of wild in the lives of Malagasy people.   In today's post I will explore how  we in the west use wild silk fabric. What is wild silk? Unlike fine silk which is produced from worms  that have been domesticated and not allowed to live their full life, wild silk is produced from cocoons … [Read more...]

Post 2015 Development Agenda: Access to jobs

Ethnic Supplies

As we get closer to the 2015 deadline, the debate about the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) is no longer about whether the goals will be met but instead what will replace them. The debates about what the new development agenda should look like have generated wide-ranging opinions and a corpus of literature has been produced from which we can glean an emerging view about … [Read more...]