Let Them Help Themselves Out of poverty

Is a UK registered charity and was set up to support with fundraising activities for projects in Ruhanga SW Uganda

Ruhanga is a beautiful village in SW Uganda East Africa but faces a daily challenge-


We need to construct  a water gravity system, which will enable them to construct a pipeline from the hills to the village where there is clean, free flowing water

Access to clean water is vital because it would free up time for

  • the children to be able to play and be children,
  • for the adults, this time could be spent on cash generating activities such as farming or weaving baskets
  • would save lives, the water the villagers currently have access to is disease causing and in order to make it safe to drink, the women and children have to collect firewood and boil it on an open fire. Often this step is skipped due to lack of time or because folk are tired, so they drink the water without making it safe. You can imagine the impact of this on people with compromised immune systems as well as the elderly

village children carrying water

We need to raise at least £15,000 for this challenge-

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