Villages in Action

Today we welcome Guest blogger Teddy Ruge of Project Diaspora. Teddy is a mobile technology enthusiast and blogs frequently about the African ICT sectors and it’s effects on development. He has served on several panel discussions related to Africa, the role of the African Diaspora and Africa’s emerging technology space. The idea of TEDxPoor was born out of a Twitter … [Read more...]

A Question from the World Bank: What would you fund to address Poverty?

A few weeks ago I came across the World Bank Africa on Twitter and I followed them. they followed me back and promptly sent me a Direct Message Submit your video today! What would you fund in Africa to fight poverty? I followed the link and was interested to find that the World Bank is genuinely seeking our opinions World leaders will be gathering next … [Read more...]

For every £1 that goes in £10 leaves

Andrew Mitchell -photo from Wikepedia

An interesting statistic indeed but what does it mean? On Monday 18th Oct 2010 Channel 4's Dispatches programme loked at how the Rich in the UK beat the Tax system. There were two surprises for me as I watched this programme Andrew Mitchell Secretary for state International Development whose budget has been ring fenced was one of the super rich implicated by the … [Read more...]