This is a problem we don’t want to take to Africa

In fact this is not a problem we should take to Africa. This was an announcement made by the Captain of British Airways flight 063 scheduled to depart from London heathrow for  Entebbe on 6th May 2010 at 21.05Hours. The BA carrier developed a fault as it was about to take off and although it could have got us to Africa safely the Captain decided it was best not to chances, … [Read more...]

The forest would be saved if..

the community around it were able to link income generation and its preservation. This is the conclusion Rosemary Wallin yesterday when she dropped in for lunch. Rosemary is getting ready for her PHd and her research into "luxury and handicrafts" led her to my website. She got in touch and I told her about my challenge of helping the women to come up with jewellery designs … [Read more...]

Will Africa be the source of world food in years to come?

Yeah right! I can hear some say and you will probably be right after all we have all seen the headlines of starving children in Africa. Please bear with me whilst I explain. The world is changing in ways we never imagined nor expected, folk in the developed world are living longer they are more single households, we use more energy and our eating habits have changed etc. … [Read more...]