The scandal of wasted food at Tesco


  Today I return to one of my favourite topics  FOOD. The availability of food is something I return to on this blog time and time again. I am often surprised and even shocked that whilst millions are going hungry some have so much food that it goes to waste. The point of waste differs depending on the level of development of a given country.  In developing … [Read more...]

Uganda: The long arms of international institutions

  Over the last few days I have been watching a conversation on Twitter between some of the Ugandans I follow. The conversation appeared to be a protest about something the electric supplier @UmemeLtd  in Uganda had or had not done to annoy a prominent Ugandan lawyer @dfkm1970 . UMEME LTD has monopoly over the supply of electricity in Uganda and has sought to … [Read more...]

Alliance 54 to host Africa Global Women in Business Forum

Meeting to promote financial Inclusion for Africa Women especially in the diaspora London. In a bid to achieve sustainable development in Africa and for the African people globally through promoting financial inclusion especially for women, Alliance 54 is hosting the Africa Global Women in Business Forum in London on 30th – 31st, October, 2013.   This initiative … [Read more...]