African Wild Silk : Madagascar

African Wild Silk scarf- Madagascar

When I tell people that Ethnic Supplies stocks fashion accessories made from African wild silk one of the questions I get asked without fail is thatIs there enough for commercial purposes?And the answer yes there is, in Madagascar. The best part is that there is a whole conservation project underway to protect Madagascar’s natural heritage. The forest and the African Silk … [Read more...]

Do the terms Volunteering and Voluntourism mean the same thing?

Volunteering abroad- Uganda

In this post, I am going to revisit questions about volunteering and voluntoursim. This is because the debate about the value or otherwise of volunteering abroad rages on and has given rise to new questions such as; Is volunteering a waste of time Is there a role for voluntourism in International development Is volutourism exploitative Who benefits from … [Read more...]

10 Lessons I have learned as a community development worker

I have been involved in community development since 2008 and within that time I have  learned a few things that are worth sharing here Although I was born and raised in Uganda, it has not been my home for 25 years. this means that I don't always understand the ways in which the country has changed/evolved and this has implications for the work that I do What might seem … [Read more...]