A nice road through the village

If you live in rural Uganda  and or any other Sub Saharan Country for that matter chances are that the road through your village will look like the one in Kikube, unless of course your village is on a main road to somewhere such as  a  big  city or a tourist attraction Minor roads leading off the  main roads are not sealed (murram) and generally speaking are  OK during the dry … [Read more...]

Why do 60% of UK public think overseas Aid wasted?

The British government pledged to ring fence its Overseas Aid of  0.7% of national income. To  date the British public continue to ask why is that? In fact in a recent BBC Radio 4 interview , Andrew Mitchell The Secretary of state for International Development DFID had to answer the question   Why do 60% of  UK public think overseas Aid is wasted? And if that is the … [Read more...]

Top tips on how to help folk in the developing world

Fashion accessories for Summer from Ethnic Supplies

It is day 2 of Nikki P's 30 day blog challenge and if you missed day1 you can catch up here. My task for today is to give you the readers some tips  regarding my area of work This was always going to be a difficult one for me as there are no fast rules here. But I will give it a try by answering a question that comes up time and time again What can we in the West do to … [Read more...]