What is Aid to Bongo Bongo land for?

Whilst foreign aid to African countries has been praised for lowering poverty levels in Africa, experts, think tanks, non government organisations (NGOs) and even citizens of both donor and recipient countries have also criticised it for creating dependency, preventing growth and promoting the interests of donor countries over the needs of recipient countries. But last week … [Read more...]

Can development happen without local community involvement?


  Earlier this week I had to write an article for a magazine about the work of the Charity Let Them Help Themselves Out Of Poverty in Ruhanga SW Uganda. I was thrown back to that August day in 2008 when I arrived at  the project. It was a very hot and I couldn’t wait to get Kabale, which is further, SW and much cooler. Whilst at the project I met two women from the … [Read more...]

A nice road through the village

If you live in rural Uganda  and or any other Sub Saharan Country for that matter chances are that the road through your village will look like the one in Kikube, unless of course your village is on a main road to somewhere such as  a  big  city or a tourist attraction Minor roads leading off the  main roads are not sealed (murram) and generally speaking are  OK during the dry … [Read more...]