WV USA, TShirts and the role of NGOS

I hope you have by now sorted out a present for your valentine and those who made their choice based on Sarah's recommendation, A BIG THANK YOU. For you see here at Ethnic Supplies we believe this is the best way to address  poverty- what can  folk do to help themselves out of poverty and what can we do to help them achieve this goal? Simple? You would certainly think … [Read more...]

For every £1 that goes in £10 leaves

Andrew Mitchell -photo from Wikepedia

An interesting statistic indeed but what does it mean? On Monday 18th Oct 2010 Channel 4's Dispatches programme loked at how the Rich in the UK beat the Tax system. There were two surprises for me as I watched this programme Andrew Mitchell Secretary for state International Development whose budget has been ring fenced was one of the super rich implicated by the … [Read more...]

Should Corporate Social Responsibility be scrapped? #CSR

school building in Ruhanga SW Uganda

Or should we move beyond it? Let’s begin with what Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is all about For those that may not be familiar with this term, put simply CSR is about companies mostly big corporations like Coca Cola, Cadbury, or Vodaphone doing their bit for society or rather giving back some of their profits to society. This does not necessarily have to be … [Read more...]