#MDGs- the cameras are switched off now what?

A week ago all cameras were on UN Summit as the great and good convened in New York  to review the Millennium Development Goals or MDGs .


If you followed the news and discussions on the various social media platforms you would have noted that  opinions were divided. The key points of note were

  • More Aid is required
  • some countries especially in sub-saharan Africa are unlikely to meet the goals
  • the goals are not realistic and should be treated as mere aspirations
  • goals not far reaching as elements such as governance are missing

Just about the same time two stories broke regarding Bono, his fashion label as well as his ONE campaign. Rotten timing I would say for someone in his position. Nevertheless if this is what  folk like him that are on record as advocating for a fairer deal for Africans get up to when the cameras are switched what hope is there, if any of meeting the MDGs,

I am going to keep this very short as  I would to give you the reader especailly if you are a fellow African a chance to answer this question, because I believe that after so many years of aid getting pumped into Africa we are not getting anywhere near being self sustaining  if we need outsiders to come in and set us goals in spite of the wealth that we have on the continent. Are we perhaps asking ourselves the wrong questions?

What can we as Africans do for ourselves today, without Aid from the West?

Please leave your answer to this question or any other comments below

Do you know where Gordon Brown is?

Back in May 2010 Gordon Brown’s labour party lost power to a Conservative/Liberal Democratic coalition  and since then most of us haven’t seen nor heard from Mr Brown, he appeared to have dropped off the face of the earth!

It turns out that he is alive and kicking and unexpectedly turned up in Kampala the capital of Uganda to attend the 15th African Union Summit

Why? If you read this BBC report and are a cynic you would conclude that he is job hunting!  Please do forgive me but it does really sound that way. But who in Africa is Hiring? Can they afford him? Perhaps Libya or South Africa? Libya can certainly afford him but what sort of job would they offer him? Special envoy? Image consultantGordon Brown

One thing for sure Gordon Brown’s (GB) presence will boost Uganda’s confidence following the bombings on 11/7  in kampala that left 76 people dead and some badly injured!

He however made an interesting observation the “world should turn to Africa for future growth of the world economic” . Is this why the Chinese are all over Africa?

What did GB do about ensuring that African was treated as an equal economic partner and not simply as a continent from which to fetch raw materials and give hand outs to?

An observation that I made of GB he has a high sense of that which is fair and as Chancellor he appeared to be fighting Africa’s corner, although I would argue that he could have done more than throwing money at problems in Africa. For this reason he will be amongst friends at African Union summit and some will wish he was still Great Britain’s Prime Minister or at the very least Chancellor of the Exchequer . Mind you they need not worry as the Overseas Budget he left in place has been ring fenced.  I do suspect though that  GB may feel uneasy mixing with some who have not had the dignity to stand down when the electorate booted them out and are hanging on to power by the gun! This may not appeal to his values!

But what about the ICT industry in Africa? Is it really the key to unleashing African Growth?

The growth of ICT in Africa is very exciting indeed, the talent is certainly out there, it is certainly an area to watch!

So why is GB really in Africa?

Against Malaria

India has more poor people than sub- saharan Africa

This heading has preoccupied Current Affairs and News programmes at the BBC over the last two weeks and in case you missed it all here are some facts as I understood them for you.

  1. India receives in excess of £300M in AID  from the British tax payer- this despite the fact that India has its own Foreign AID programme as well as a Space programme
  2. the reason why it gets the AID mentioned above, several districts in India are much poorer than DR Congo and other sub- Saharan Africa
  3. the poor districts in India rank so low on the human development indices
  4. 43% of Indian children are Malnourished and the charity Save the Children is faces a mammoth task of feeding them

But why is this? Why is India this poor  and yet elsewhere it is deemed as an emergerging economy on par with China. The Indian diaspora wherever in the world they be appear to be doing very well and much better than their African counterparts

Is it a case of bad policies which mean that wealth is not spread all over India?

The moral question that the panel on the BBC’s Moral Maze had to answer was whether India should continue to receive the UK tax payer’s  money if it is indeed doing that well?

I have never been to India and as such I am not familiar with how society is organized there or how it functions so I am not I am able to speak with any authority on these issues.

If you have knowledge of Indian affairs I would be grateful for some enlightenment here as I am on the side of the coin that says India is not a poor country