#MDGs- the cameras are switched off now what?

A week ago all cameras were on UN Summit as the great and good convened in New York  to review the Millennium Development Goals or MDGs . If you followed the news and discussions on the various social media platforms you would have noted that  opinions were divided. The key points of note were More Aid is required some countries especially in sub-saharan Africa … [Read more...]

Do you know where Gordon Brown is?

Gordon Brown

Back in May 2010 Gordon Brown's labour party lost power to a Conservative/Liberal Democratic coalition  and since then most of us haven't seen nor heard from Mr Brown, he appeared to have dropped off the face of the earth! It turns out that he is alive and kicking and unexpectedly turned up in Kampala the capital of Uganda to attend the 15th African Union Summit Why? If … [Read more...]

India has more poor people than sub- saharan Africa

This heading has preoccupied Current Affairs and News programmes at the BBC over the last two weeks and in case you missed it all here are some facts as I understood them for you. India receives in excess of £300M in AID  from the British tax payer- this despite the fact that India has its own Foreign AID programme as well as a Space programme the reason why it gets the … [Read more...]