Why do 60% of UK public think overseas Aid wasted?

The British government pledged to ring fence its Overseas Aid of  0.7% of national income. To  date the British public continue to ask why is that? In fact in a recent BBC Radio 4 interview , Andrew Mitchell The Secretary of state for International Development DFID had to answer the question   Why do 60% of  UK public think overseas Aid is wasted? And if that is the … [Read more...]

For every £1 that goes in £10 leaves

Andrew Mitchell -photo from Wikepedia

An interesting statistic indeed but what does it mean? On Monday 18th Oct 2010 Channel 4's Dispatches programme loked at how the Rich in the UK beat the Tax system. There were two surprises for me as I watched this programme Andrew Mitchell Secretary for state International Development whose budget has been ring fenced was one of the super rich implicated by the … [Read more...]

It is World Poverty Day!

I am not quite sure what means exactly but a quick search on the internet led me to this link. it would appear that the leaders of the main parties in the UK general elections are out and about spelling out exactly what their plans for developing countries will be once in power. Some thing that caught my attention is David Cameron's visit to a Islamic charity in Birmingham. … [Read more...]