Why do 60% of UK public think overseas Aid wasted?

The British government pledged to ring fence its Overseas Aid of  0.7% of national income. To  date the British public continue to ask why is that? In fact in a recent BBC Radio 4 interview , Andrew Mitchell The Secretary of state for International Development DFID had to answer the question   Why do 60% of  UK public think overseas Aid is wasted? And if that is the … [Read more...]

Villages in Action – I would like to hear more of these conversations

  Happy New Year folk. How are you getting on with your New year's resolutions so far? I know this is an odd question but what exactly are New year's resolutions? Are the goals or aspirations? I recently stumbled across an an article by Linda Raftree with her wishes for the year 2012 specifically on issues of Inclusion, openness and authenticity. Linda … [Read more...]

Economic Migration

In the last post I looked at the issue of unfair trade agreements an their role in economic migration.  In this thread I would like to look at the value of economic migrants. I has been a few days since my last post and in those days I watched an interesting documentary called The End of the Line. The documentary looked at two issues that I have written about here and the … [Read more...]