Time to tell Africa’s story?

This is the conclusion reached by  The Observer newspaper and they have written several articles to prove it In the first article The Observer editorial tells the readers that Africa has regenerated itself , Europe and Britain in particular must sit up and listen  and most importantly they must take note of the economic development that is unfolding as well as the investment … [Read more...]

Are Africans in the Diaspora real Africans

or do we cease being Africans when we leave Africa? As  some  of you will be aware our guest blogger here Teddy Ruge of Project Diaspora is organising a Villages in Action conference in Uganda and he explained how and why he is doing it in his last blog here Supporters of the VILLAGES IN ACTION initiative have worked and continue to do so in the background to  ensure that … [Read more...]

#MDGs- the cameras are switched off now what?

A week ago all cameras were on UN Summit as the great and good convened in New York  to review the Millennium Development Goals or MDGs . If you followed the news and discussions on the various social media platforms you would have noted that  opinions were divided. The key points of note were More Aid is required some countries especially in sub-saharan Africa … [Read more...]