Aid: what do the numbers tell us?

    Last week The Guardian run a story on aid transparency following the latest report from Aid Transpareny  Index Publish What You Fund Here are resuts   DONOR SCORE 1. U.S., MCC VERY GOOD 2. GAVI VERY GOOD 3. UK, DFID VERY GOOD 4. UNDP VERY GOOD 5. World Bank, IDA GOOD 6. Global … [Read more...]

Inclusive Business in Africa


Ethnic Supplies was invited to join Business Fights Poverty and the Department for International Development  UK (DFID)  in organising a Practitioners workshop in Kampala Uganda on 10 May 2010. The aim of the workshop was to bring together International Businesses, Ugandan businesses and Donors to look at some of the innovative ways of running inclusive businesses. … [Read more...]

Can Africa grow its own volunteers

This question has been on my mind for sometime now. Due to the current economic environment we have struggled to get volunteers from the traditional sources to out to our project in SW Uganda. I did wonder if Africa could tap into the skills and knowledge on the ground? The other reason this is on my mind is that the Obama administration's policy toward Africa appears to be … [Read more...]