Dave calls an Olympic Food Summit


As the London Olympics come to a close David Cameron the UK’s Prime Minister has summoned World Leaders, International NGO’s and such like to a summit to discuss global hunger.   The lack of food is a topic I return to on this blog time and time again mostly because having grown up in Uganda I know what it is like to go hungry but also that it is something I can’t … [Read more...]

Hunger in Somalia- the winners and losers

A news item keeps dropping on and off the headlines, first it was due to the phone hacking scandals here in the UK and now it is the hunt for Gaddafi and that story is to do with famine at the Horn of Africa The story is however being kept alive and sadly in this case it appears to have a twist. We have all seen the starving children in make shift tents we have responded to … [Read more...]

Why do 60% of UK public think overseas Aid wasted?

The British government pledged to ring fence its Overseas Aid of  0.7% of national income. To  date the British public continue to ask why is that? In fact in a recent BBC Radio 4 interview , Andrew Mitchell The Secretary of state for International Development DFID had to answer the question   Why do 60% of  UK public think overseas Aid is wasted? And if that is the … [Read more...]