Introducing Salha Kaitesi- The Beauty Of Rwanda

Salha Kaitesi

  Salha Kaitesi is the founder of Beauty of Rwanda an online enterprise working with basket weavers in her native Rwanda. Like the team here at Ethnic Supplies, Salha believes in empowering African women through business. Our paths crossed a few months ago on Twitter and she agreed to be profiled for readers of this blog.   1. Please introduce … [Read more...]

#30dayblog- A day in the life of

Yesterday's challenge in this 30 day blog challenge was about the Women in my life and today's challenge  is for me to tell you about my typical working day. I really do not have a typical working day  but as online enterprise  there are things that I must do daily and these things make up my marketing strategy My working day begins at 6AM and the things I usually do … [Read more...]