Transparency in the management of community based organisations

Transparency in community based organisations

In a previous  post I shared the 10 lessons I have learned as a community development worker and one of those lessons was Transparency. In this post I would like to explore the importance of transparency in  the management of community based organisations. Globalisation and Transparency Our community project in Ruhanga SW Uganda relies on individual donations and the people … [Read more...]

Do the terms Volunteering and Voluntourism mean the same thing?

Volunteering abroad- Uganda

In this post, I am going to revisit questions about volunteering and voluntoursim. This is because the debate about the value or otherwise of volunteering abroad rages on and has given rise to new questions such as; Is volunteering a waste of time Is there a role for voluntourism in International development Is volutourism exploitative Who benefits from … [Read more...]

Why sanitation matters to girls

  Having access to a toilet is something that we in the West take for granted but the lack of access to sanitation including a toilet has implications for at least 2.6 Billion folk in the developing world  as Mark Tran explains in The Guardian, Sanitation related diseases such as diarrhea impact the health of individuals and some argue that there is no point giving a … [Read more...]