International Women’s Day 2014: Bridging the gap for African Women Access to Jobs Kampala, March 6, 2014


On 6 March 2014, Business Executives and women business owners will come together with experts from the business world, civil society, technocrats and legislators at the Uganda Manufacturers' Association conference Hall Lugogo Kampala to contribute to Post 2015 development agenda dialogue. In particular the meeting will explore the reasons why the International Labour … [Read more...]

The scandal of wasted food at Tesco


  Today I return to one of my favourite topics  FOOD. The availability of food is something I return to on this blog time and time again. I am often surprised and even shocked that whilst millions are going hungry some have so much food that it goes to waste. The point of waste differs depending on the level of development of a given country.  In developing … [Read more...]

Reproductive health in Uganda 3 years on

mukono ambulance

Three years ago,I stumbled upon a story in the Daily Monitor Uganda's daily about Cecilia a young woman who had die in labour because she and he husband didn't have £66 to cover her care at the local hospital. Cecilia's story was shocking and it was hoped that something like that would never happen to another woman. We were wrong! Yesterday, I stumbled upon another … [Read more...]