Reproductive health in Uganda 3 years on

mukono ambulance

Three years ago,I stumbled upon a story in the Daily Monitor Uganda's daily about Cecilia a young woman who had die in labour because she and he husband didn't have £66 to cover her care at the local hospital. Cecilia's story was shocking and it was hoped that something like that would never happen to another woman. We were wrong! Yesterday, I stumbled upon another … [Read more...]

Uganda: The long arms of international institutions

  Over the last few days I have been watching a conversation on Twitter between some of the Ugandans I follow. The conversation appeared to be a protest about something the electric supplier @UmemeLtd  in Uganda had or had not done to annoy a prominent Ugandan lawyer @dfkm1970 . UMEME LTD has monopoly over the supply of electricity in Uganda and has sought to … [Read more...]

Enough food IF….


  Did you make it to Hyde Park in London on 8 June 2013? If you are food poor regardless of where you live this was about you. See food poverty doesn't affect Africans only and if you thought so, think again. Here in the UK over 500,000 people rely on food banks, because the food has become so expensive The IF campaign run by several International Charities and … [Read more...]